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I need not say how important it is to Score good in SAT, the Quantitative & Verbal section. Verbal WORDLIST -you slog your butt out by, by hearting the BORING word lists, so that you can solve analogies & antonyms. You study all day all night during traveling in train, bus, auto… even in bathroom!! You are so stressed out on studying & knowing all the 50 word list from Barron’s, referring social networking site that gives the updates on the latest  SAT words that came in the exam. Studying & solving all the material that you gathered from different institutes…doing this for the sole purpose of getting into a top ranked university with good Scholarship. But are you doing it strategically?

With years of experience & observation in training for SAT this is what I have observed what a student does when he is…

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  1. […] have a grip over your Root Words, the origin of these words, this you will find in my previous Blog on VOCABULARY. Then make separate list, organize your list in topics for better results may be alphabetically. […]


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